i wish . i wish .

12 a.m. sharp on time , i called HIM and said ; HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
he was speechless but thank you will no be forgotten . hahah , terharu agaknya sayang aku ni :P and guess what ? i am the first person who had wished him ( OYESSBABEE ) ! we enjoyed our conversation about 2 hours as he got birthday free call from maxis . TY Maxis :P and now i still want to make a shoutout for you . listen to my heartbeat ;D

Dear Hazwan Saleh , happy birthday to you . i know i am not perfect like the others but i still wanna be the best for you and i know , you dont want the others because you want my love . teehee . i would like to make this day as your day because u deserve it . not an ordinary birthday , but extraordinary hun . naahh , you told me that you  'dah kena baling tepung' at U just now , right ? kan best kalau i pun ada jugak kat sana kan sayang kan ? hihihi , perasaan sudah . 

OKAY , just tell me what you want as your present ? what ! you want me ? hihihi . just wait for another 8 years , pejam celik pejam celik , i dah pun jadi your wife nanti ( amin ) . aww aww :DDD
belajar pun tak habis lagi ada hati mahu kahwin -_- haih , azreen azreen . 
hm , sorry my dear , i cant go there to celebrate your birthday . i'll be waiting you back to your house in BBB , and then baru kite jumpa okay dear ? if you wanna celebrate with your colloeagues , i will be fine but dont forget me as well hah . 

happy birthday AGAIN !

nahhh , a cake for youu .
balik semester ni kalau nak orang buatkan cake :P