nothing to be written as a title .

      FIRST OF ALL ,  sorry for my all wrong-doing . IDOLOVEYOUSOMUCH , my dear~ hm , I don't know why must we fight about something that are not supposed to be . Yeah , it is a cliche ; NORMAL la tuh kalau gaduh . But it seems abnormal if it always happen . Just now , you asked me , if i met someone rich , gentleman , kind and so on , but there is one thing that i dont like but it doesn't matter for me , will i open my eyes looking at you ?
     I dont get any chance to answer your question because you yourself already have answered it  . But nevermind , i will answer it here . Frankly speaking , If I met a guy who is rich , loving , caring ,gentleman and even he is perfect , But i don't care . Of course , i will open my eyes to look at you . Memang syg akan pandang abg ! 
    WHY ? because i am searching for love not a person who is certainly perfect ! Remember my dear~ cinta yang melengkapkan seseorang untuk menjadi sesempurna mungkin . We complete each other , hun . I don't need a guy yang memang dah sempurna sebab bukan kesempurnaan yang syg cari .
    Why don't you believe that I LOVE YOU ? You said . you don't get my attention . hihi , omaisweetie , u know what , without any command , my mind will always think about you . Means , I always pay attention about you . Maybe i don't give a good respond when you are talking about what you are interested in . Its all my fault , SORRY FOR DOING YOU FEEL LIKE I DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT YOU . It was just a misunderstanding . Sorry again , But i do love you 

p/s : Am i too don't get your attention ? Why all your replies were too short ? but it's okay . i'm fine :>