'school holidays are oficially started' . as a student, i'm supposed to be happy, right? yeah. Actually i was, but it is so sudden that feeling fly with a little news that makes me like :O oh-mai-jay and that turns me to be not happy anymore. #berapa kali nak guna 'that' hah? hm, my jay said that he got to go back to his 'you' at perlis. its so far from me, waaaa why dont u tell me earlier? at least i can make a preparation, i can get ready enough for this thing ;( yea, it is my fault. tak bertanya bukan? hm, okay, sorry. i'll not blame you for anything. sorry if i'm too emotional. I LOVE YOU and I AM GONNA LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE ABANG JAY I hope you will be more success this semester. I will always be beside you as long as you want me to do that. 
p/s : raya nanti abang balik lagi kan? jumpa ayang kan? :DD

thats you and me, 
you're the one that can make me smile LAAAAAIIKK this .

k. cerita tak berapa nak best bai.